Monday, August 31, 2009

Love Lost

Can not a man be reborn, can he not be rebuilt from the ground up in the name of love. Can he not feel to live a truth with one and to one til his last breath. Can he not feel that he can fly between the clouds and can make miracles in the name of love. Can he not find a truth that he can be truthful with. Yes I a man will do anything for your love. Including taking care of your kids and the father of your kids to instill the happiness of his Angel. But only if it comes from the heart. Only if he feels that love that gives him that burning desire to make mountains out of mole hills. Do not disenchant this man, for he will turn the power of love into a furry creating abyss from peaks, with his heart locked in a dark cavern with out the spirit of love to lift him up. For there is no force stronger than love and without it a man is weak to do anything. A man may put a price on the Angel he loves, but this price is not a price of personal purchase but unselfish devotion, for money can't buy love. If the spirit of his angel's love is not there for him, no miracles can be made. He lives for your love and believes in the impossible for your love. You can not command him to do so in vein. You must love him to the point that he soars on angels wings. That loving man has a value too, and he auctions it to you

You Confuse Me Deeply

My baby, how could you confuse me knowing my inner true self. You are me and I am you. Love happens at strange and inconvenient times. I shared detailed loving moments with you. Now you act like we didn't laugh nothing, like we didnt sing nothing, like we didnt play nothing, like we didn't cry nothing, like we didnt love nothing, like we didnt sleep nothing, like we didnt smile nothing, like we didnt shower nothing, like we didnt eat nothing, like we didnt do nothing. Like we didnt hold nothing, like we didnt touch nothing, like we didnt feel nothing, like we didnt say nothing. I have prayed for you and meditated on you. I have commanded the universe to send you to me. I wanted nothing more than to worship you, pamper you, caress you, kiss you, bath you, manicure you, massage you, touch you. The gates of heaven opened when I was prepared to receive and there you were delivered to me. Against all odds I took a chance to show you my deepest devotion. In the early morning when I look into myself I also look into you. I breathe for you, my burning desire. My Angel I needed you.