Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its What You Think...

My dearest Angel we are what we think. Keep your thoughts focused and pleasant. Keep your mind strong. Your soldier is at war and will be there soon to rescue you. I must importantly say, angel to keep u strong, understand that alcohol is a drug that is classified as a depressant. Do lot let people trick you into drinking. Now I demand your cooperation and strength for your own inner love. Do not drink no more, no excuses. It does u no good. It has only been hurting u. Rise above common people you are not a human, you are a graceful gentle spirit, an angel. Think above the average. Yes you are a monkey, but what monkey see, monkey does not have to do. There is strength in virtue.

We do not need to walk in a path of inner moral corruption. We do have a light inside us to follow. I am loving you. You are my heart. You should be filled with faith in love, and not with worries, concerns and fears.

Do you know what it feels like to walk into a temple or church. Do you recall that feeling inside. You can always have that feeling inside you if you want it to. Any thing other than positive thoughts and emotions can remove bricks from the foundation of your love within. Be aware when these thoughts come to your mind and shake them away fast. Do not let them simmer brewing storms of doubt and fear within you.

My angel you are strong but you must believe that you are strong first. My angel your love is unique, your heart is pure and you are special, but you must believe that first. We have been through major test only to prove that love conquers all. That faith is the only antidote when we cannot find the answers to cure the troubles of life and within ourselves.

You consume my heart to much for me ever to experience loneliness. Yes I miss you incredibly. My every thought and action is in faith of our love and desire to be together with you as fast and immediate as possible. Think love and feel love, think lonely and feel lonely, think strong then be strong, think sex then be sex. We are what we think. Do not allow to be enslaved by thoughts that are not of a positive nature. Let magic fill you, not daily urges. you think you are the nature of your being because that is what you believe you are, do not believe that. Believe in what you know can better you, empower you strengthen you. It takes effort like all champion spirits. You have the ability to be better by commanding yourself to do so.

Look into the mirror and see that angel of you, tell her you love her, tell her she is strong not weak, tell her she is virtue, tell her she is love, tell her she is unlike others, tell her she is strength, tell her no she is not weak, tell her no she is not pressured, tell her there is magic, tell her there is hope, tell her there is faith, tell her there is god inside her soul. Tell her that you have been watching her all your life and you know who she is inside. BE THAT ANGEL!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Need of You...

I need to be with you, so i can comfort you with the most incredible joy. I need to be with you, cause my feelings for you have become even stronger that I can't bare not to be by your side. I need to be with you, close to you,next to you, cause you have become my air and the distance from you is suffocating me. I need to be next to you, cause I long to touch and caress your soft skin, I long to hold you next to me.

I yearn to be inside you so you can wrap yourself around me. I beg to be inside you cause it is becoming insane to be outside you. I yearn to be inside you and in between you so firmly. I yearn to be inside you so my body can heat up and my sweat to drench you. I yearn to be inside you, for there is no closer way to heaven than through the love of you and that's why you are my Angel.

I want to love you always, cause you are a princess and it is my destiny as a valiant knight to save you. I want to love you always happily ever after cause that is how fairy tales end.I want to love you always to see you down this path of life and magic and make your wishes come true. I want to love you always cause you deserve and need the powerful love of a god to provide you with faith and strength. I want to love you always cause I need the grace and love of a gentle creature like you to sooth me forever and only you have that kind of power.

My angel my love grows and grows, we are bonded and bonded, i constantly have you on my mind and it is so beautiful. This feeling will never change and only in time will you see that. You mean so much to me that you can ever imagine. but at least I know for always you will remain to be the happiest, completely fulfilled being ever to walk this earth or be mention in any novel. You are love, and I know you are. That is all I need for always. I need to be with you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Light of Destiny

Let it be written, let it be done that you are destiny's light. Be it known to you that you have a divine right to be love the way you deserve and to receive the love fit for a princess angel. A gentle love fit for a tender heart. A love of understanding and strength to cradle a sensitive child of virtue. My arms are big and strong for you to hold within. My heart beats with courage and faith to guide you through. I am here, I know, I got you, I am with you, I am you!

You complete me, I have been preparing my life for you. I have been following my heart remaining open to your welcoming. You have come. Now you are here. Now there's no fear. Cause we are one in heart and soul. We believe in something that others can't see. We believe in something that others can't feel. We know something that others can't know. That is because we believe in a higher power of magic, love and faith and a god that rules inside of our hearts.

We have been blessed my dear. truly blessed with love. I am forever thankful for my life and divine guidance, ever thankful for all my life's experiences that I can share with you. Ever understanding the true meaning of love not only for the love inside myself but for the love for others. People may not know me or understand me for what I have faith in, however there is a higher power of spirit or divine presence, that knows what truth lies within my heart. It is the same truth and belief that I had as a child that I could never let go of. It is that innocence of a child who would put his finger into an electric wall socket only to get a powerful jolting shock, did I not know better, was I naive, was I careless or was I really fearless. I just want to be me, as me as I know and to be with you as the you that I know. To treat like a gentle flower, a princess an angel to always completely and fulfillingly love you til no end. I will always be your happiness as you will always be mine. The storm is over, let the sunshine in my love. Love is Forever!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happiness From the Pursuit

My Angel, we know what feels good and we know what feels right. Only we know the truth when quietly looking inside of ourselves. Only we know what we are looking for. This understanding is important if we are to ever successfully employ the power of faith

What makes us happy? Do we feel we are entitled to be happy? Everyone deserves happiness. Life is an experience that we go through to learn from and to teach as a collective. Happiness is an existence in which we connect with as a positive state of being. We should all be happy, we should all demand happiness from life. Life is the pursuit of happiness. But we must pursue it in accordance to what our heart feels. You alone know what you feel. You alone know what makes you happy. We can not expect others to fill a void within us, if we do not know what it is that needs to be filled. If so then both become blind leading the blind and misery is inevitable. Be happy for yourself, then others will and must be happy for you. Do not worry yourself with how others may deal with their problems, you must deal with your own first and foremost so that you can help them deal with theirs. We can say this does not feel right inside, but it is all just that... a feeling. How one interprets this feeling is of their own will and state of mind. But we do not want our minds to lead us, we need our hearts to do that. Our hearts try to constantly deliver us from suffering and find a path to happiness. Happiness is simple, it is not at the store, it is not in the bank, it is true and complete priceless love.

Faith is based on certainty. We look for the signs in our life, those details which only we recognize and relate to. We take these icons and form our system to guide us in truth. We must not fear what life throws us, since fear is an inhibitor to liberation of the self. Liberation of the self is freedom. We must desire to be free from the bondage that holds us down, free from the bondage of accepting ourselves, free from the bondage that limits our potential. Faith is believing. Believing is telling our self over and over gain, a repetitive thought that makes our complete body and mind vibrate to an existence that we no longer retain doubt and fear failure. Faith is the only remedy to any successful love, relationship, business etc. One must have a constant burning desire to see themselves through life utilizing the power of faith.

Our thoughts are tiny electronic pulse that travel at the speed of light. These thoughts contain a charge as that of electrons or magnetic poles. The thoughts we keep inside will attract similar thoughts of the same nature. We must keep a focus, positive mental state of faith if we are to see ourselves down the path of life. See happiness, have faith in it and it will be. See life as you see fit, have faith in it and it will be. You have the power to will your self into a strong belief of faith and to overcome any obstacles and succeed any impossible.

Always loving your soul my Angel, for all of eternity. Please maintain and do not lose faith in our love. You must not be swayed, you must know what you want, you must follow your heart, you must live truth and you must be happy by having faith and living your dreams as you see life in your own happy view.. . LIFE CAN BE EXACTLY WHAT YOU VISUALIZE WITH FAITH!

I am always with you in love and soul!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My Angel I will forever remind you of my innermost feelings for you. I never want you to lose site of hope, faith, love and happiness. I find you to be a rare true gem and in me you find the same. The universe is unfolding a grand destiny before us. Stars are aligning in our solar system as you read this. This galactic alignment is not a once in a lifetime event, but a once in a silver millennia. There is power flowing through us both and that power is love. Love is the only power, the only magic and you and I will cultivate it for an even higher godly cause and be an instrument of faith and hope.

As I speak the poles of the earth are beginning to shift their magnetic force. You and I are harnessing the power of love to pull us through life's negotiations and fulfilling a void of true happiness. We are awakening to accept a hidden truth that there is that special someone out there for each individual if they are open to see it and accept it. Baby I know it's you. You know it's me. Yes there were risk that had to be taken and hurdles that had to be jumped. But somehow we took it with a leap of faith because you and I, living to the law according to our hearts and not our minds know the deepest truth about how we feel about each other and the value of love. We are committed, we know we can not let go, we know the magic we have experienced, we witness our feelings growing stronger, we lived and learned to prepare to love each other in perfection. Perfect in emotions, perfect in understanding, perfect in feelings and perfect in love. I wish that people maintain hope and faith in magic and the perfection of self to love and hold on to love. Gnite My Angel

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thankfully Loving You

My Angel, yes the future is already becoming brighter. The tests have been coming, the obstacles have been thrown. I am blinded by faith, and anchored to your heart. Yes my love, I believe in you, I believe in us. And having you in my life with your pure angelic love confirms that there is magic out there. We will learn to understand others and each other, we will become better lovers, we will be able to demonstrate hope for the future. Thank you for persevering. Thank you for loving. Thank you for being there. Thank you for your strength. You have an amazing soul. To say we were meant to be is an understatement, we are being. We are held strong by magnetic forces between you and I. We are already working as a team to overcome obstacle. I feel sure and secure above the love you dedicate to me and I will surely bless you like a princess with all the love my heart and soul has to give. My Angel you have my heart and more. I would die for you any day, but I would rather live for you everyday. I so want to hold you my love and yes I did need you to hold me last night. Life is clear. I feel triumphantly in love. There is no wrong, nothing we can not do together my love. You are a miracle in my life. Forever graciously loving you, your love radiates through me like sunshine. With you I can spread happiness and joy, because I am now happiness and joy. Thank you my Angel.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am in WOW

I am kind of lost for words my Angel. Can you believe that? After spending so many hours talking to you last night, You once again deepen my spirits and moved me immensely. There is no doubt about us. We are a destiny. My Angel you are my rock. We are one. We feel for one another in an everlasting way, a burning way. I thank you for opening up to me. I thank you for believing in me. I could ask nothing more from life and god. Your sweet words extract passion from the debt of my soul.

I feel like I may be rambling on. You have touched me so. My inner being feels as if it has been busted open with the jaws of life. I am exposed! You have a VIP lifetime diamond exclusive contract for my love. My gentle Angel, I must be with you at any cost. It is becoming difficult to be away from you. Yes, the weather is great where you are. I really can do anything from anywhere. It is a must that I can wake up next to you. I have to take care of you. I need to tuck you in and have you fall asleep in my arms every night. I need for you to wake up everyday with god's smile shining on you. BABY I WILL RESCUE YOU!

I am raging. I need to act fast and furiously for the love of you then I must slow down the hands of time to breath in moments of unison with you. We have a need to be, an obligation to do the right thing for our souls. We will be eternal happiness. I want to say vows to you. I want to make contracts of love with you. Notarize my heart my angel, I am a testament and will and proof of higher love. I give you a love of perfection. I wish not to be human with you. I wish to be inhuman with you and love you like an immortal god. I give you a love that will spark legends, myths and fairytale stories of hope and inspiration and folklore for many generations to come. We are the impossible my Angel. We have done it. We have taken a leap in faith for what we feel in our souls. It is the right thing. I am blind around me. I am love within you. You are my work. You are my reward. My Angel I am permanently with you. I am in your orbit and your feelings and love is the gravity that maintains me. I am in wow!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Because of You

I feel serene. I felt my spirit calling me all week. I definitely will head the call. For it was this sensation that lead my heart in which I followed to my Angel. That sense of sureness and inevitability that everything will be done as it is willed to be done. My angel you touched my sensitive side and I have been feeling you ever so strongly all these days. Now with the security of your love for me, I have replenished my strength, acknowledge the calmness with in and I am ready to resume my work. I know strength, I am strength. I summon all my strength within to support our love. I miss you so much my love. I am overflowing inside with that loving peace from days ago. It still resides around me like an aura.

I am there for you my Angel with such devotion. I know It is possible to love someone so deeply as I love you now you will know. It is real in so many ways and in so many ways it is unreal. It is a precious feeling. I have the feeling as if I am on the altar at the moment and I am about to read my vows. There is this feeling of knowing this is it. Like the moment has arrived, look no more, doubt no more, be forever sure. That every step in my life was with purpose and that purpose is you. Because of you I have regained belief in true love. Because of you I am in touch with my inner passion. Because of you I will do anything. Because of you I can will a great future. Because I believe in you I believe in love, because I believe in love I can do greatness.

We are the love of god, and I am humble and thankful. There are so many lonely people, but we will be an instrument of faith in love together. We will reawaken peoples heart to their true inner selves. Everyone will see hope and happiness for our well being. No one can discredit our magic, our kisses, our touch, our happiness or our tears. Will try to keep the tears to a few. Only tears of extreme happiness. I want to make sure we are both smiling deep in our souls. We both know we are both right about how we feel about each other like never before. That is all that matters. Have a blessed day my love. I love you always til there is no more.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Medley of Love

My angel, you are my heart
The world is jealous of a love like ours
You and I collide universes cause what we feel for each other is so great
We have magic that is based on love
I can wait for our reunion
our risky tryst in the streets
our dirty dancing like a high school prom
our passionate and sensuous kisses during showtime
The tears we cried from overwhelming emotions
The bruises, back breaking, tossing around love making(I'll be gentler baby)
our smiles lit up the room
we bestowed magic on others from our shear happiness
they were all watching, real love unfold

I miss you my sweetheart. you are everything I prayed for , hope for, and imagine all rolled up in one.
I will not, cannot, and would not ever let you go. You are my love captive for eternity

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Own Me

My Angel, do you know I belong to you.

Do you know I have now been given a value because you love me.

Do you know that you own me.

It is that I am your property to do with at will

It is that my deepest thoughts, desires and feeling are yours

Do you know that you own me

I am yours for the taking

for the sensuous love making

to pamper you and please cause of your love for me

Do you know that you own me

Baby I am yours

inside my soul take a tour

you are my heaven's hope and I could pray for no more

Do you know that you own me

I wish only a life of truth

To transcend our souls to heights so new

Other dimensions in time

Forever to serve you

Do you know that you own me

You own my heart and soul my Angel, I am yours til lives ever after.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starts with Love Inside

Because it is real love. I can say I would do anything for you. Because Love is not in my mind, it is my heart. One's mind can not decide love, for this is a function of the heart. Following your heart does not trick you, but your mind will play the cruelest jokes. Your heart will take you through leaps and bounds, your mind will take you down a dark path. If you believe in love then miracles flourish, weaknesses become strength, doubt becomes certainty, fear becomes courage.

The truest love, is the strength to love oneself. For that is the strongest foundation in which we use as a gauge to love others. Doing what our heart knows is right frees our mind from frustration. Removing obstacles of the self one block at a time provides a path of clarity to walk freely. We become liberated from the mental slavery that inhibits true inner happiness. We must fight inner battles if we are ever to deal with the war of the world. We must win, we must land ashore and burn all ships, for there is no turning back or running away. We must see the truth through the darkness. We must want it. We can feel we are shrugging thoughts off in the distance, but the truth of our sensitive nature is that these thoughts cling to our inner being shaping our exterior. We must see and be clear about looking inside of our selves. We must put aside time to do so. If we do not take time out to nurture an infant child, then how can that child develop in health. So it is with ourselves. We must not take the usual mundane time that we have been doing all of our lives, but we must sit back and take a deliberate moment to be alone and within ourselves. We must pull ourselves to stop and just listen to our forgotten breath within us. We must consciously make a deliberate effort.

Do not take life, your mind, your heart and love for granted. For nothing comes easy without dedicated work and that work begins with you inside. You must take the attitude of dealing with yourself like the Spartan's Last 300. You must rather fight for truth rather than to die in hell.

My angel as always my soul speaks to you, you must tune into me. Do not think our obstacles and test will be few. But we must acknowledge and prepare to bond our love. We must seal the truth within us. I am ready for you in love, in heart and mind and body. I am truth. I am inner love. I am waiting for you. I am that I am.

Love me deeply my Angel with your deepest heart, like no other, like no truer, like no warmer. The universe had smiled on me 2 days ago blessing me with a light kiss of forgiveness. I am forging that into strength for your love. Be careful what you wish for my dear, because it has been sent to you, it is within your grasp, open totally to accept it, do not fight it. A magic like this bestowed upon you is a rare form.

A love like ours need no trials and errors, our love does not need probation. Our love needs faith in a giant locking leap. Be with me for all times with your heart in our happiness and my love. I am crying out to you! I am you. You shall no longer suffer, you will have eternal life in love and never know death. I will cradle you godly, I will touch you gently, move in you slowly, talk to you sweetly, shower you sensuously. I am you, do you know what you want and are you ready. There are no forces preventing anything from becoming manifestation, only the blocks we stack in front of our vision. Only we can makes us be, only we can make us not be. Lets just choose to be. Do not leave our love up to chance, but a conscious effort. I love you forever. Would I do anything,yes! One day you may end up with one of my fingers making it to your mailbox, cause I told you I am forever and I will do anything for you. I am that I am.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Thank You

There is nothing better than your love. I am and always will be there to caress your thoughts and comfort your emotions. You are a gentle soul and I would never judge you my Angel. I fully and completely accept you and desire you for better or for worse, I will take care of you and safely guide you through this stormy transition. Days will be brighter, cause you will learn to command the brightness, Pleasure will be fulfilled, cause you will know what true pleasure is. Happiness will be in everything you see, because you see evrything happy. Focus, then let go my Angel, imagine how you want it all to unfold. I am listening to your heart closely as it echoes your soul's lament. I sing with it in harmony, we are a duet of love. My Angel my heart is settling, my soul is at ease. I am bonding with you ever so deeply. I feel you so near, I see only you. I want to love you in so many ways, in so many lands, for so many times to come. My Angel my heart is yours, I offer you my entire soul. I thanks you for your love. I thank you for time and long talks with plenty laughs. I miss you. I thank you for thinking of me. I thank you for telling me you love me. I thank you for sending me photos of your pretty face. I thank you for allowing me to grace your body with a gentle loving touch, I thank you for permitting me to be the only one that shares your gift of love that you ofter to me . I am humble to you my love, with a pharoah's respect. Have a wonderful, day the way you see fit!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm So Open

Your my Angel a blessing from the sky
A prayer answered of mine
and I would love you through for all times

You move me and my heart you make it sooth
So much truth there is in you
take me there a peaceful place with you

I'm so open
sometimes it may confuse
but you will know that I love you
I may be emotional, but I got to let you know
I'm so open
you make me feel i can bear my soul,
you had me at hello
let me say you are my world and you can say ditto

you see girl, you got me out of control
only god and heaven knows
the magic that smiles on my face
is divine presence of you

you are my hope
that keeps my faith inside
a sacrament to life
the shining star i follow in the night

I'm so open
sometimes it may confuse
but you will know that I love you
I may be emotional, but I got to let you know
I'm so open
you make me feel i can bear my soul,
you had me at hello
let me say you are my world and you can say ditto

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am That... I am

My love is special, my love is forever. That's what I want you know of me. My love is intense, my love is overbearing but that is what I have for you. My love can be smothering my love may be jealous but that's the love I have for you. My love is uplifting my love is sensitive, but that is the love I have for you. My love is focused, my love is eternal. that is the love I have for you. My love is unconditional my love is patient, that is the love I have for you. My love is happiness and full of faith, that is the love I have for you. My love is gentle my love is earth moving, but that is the love I have for you. My love is long distance like a soldier when I rather be there to protect you, but that is the love I have for you.

Baby I told you I live a life unlike others. I told told you I have a faith and believe unlike others, I told you I have had miracles and experiences unlike others. Yes It seems have been tarnished with words of malice. Yes I rather the energy to flow between us uninhibited. That is said and done, nothing I can do about it, but remain with my faith in myself and hope that faith is felt in you. So forgive me if I filter the sound of unfaith from your lips for you not know what you do. However I do understand it. That is a old world for me, my faith can not be shaken, my truth can not be broken. I must live as I live and do as I do. Its means everything to be with you and I will do anything by all means necessary for that regardless of how you feel of the methodology. I must utilize what I have been given to do the job I set out for. Yes I know I deeply love you, and there is much I need to do to prove that always. But there is also a love for myself and facts that I know and live by. I have been a changed man already. I do not need to change in to anything more. Release those old concepts, cause I wish you not to be haunted by it or succumb to it's fear. You must also see the good in me, then just speaking of things of not so good thoughts. Be not afraid. What you are hearing from me now is my fears releasing from within. I had a fearful 1st week away from you since I let intangible thoughts and emotions get the best of me. I know where my heart is at and it is for you. I want to synchronize with you as much as possible. Truthfully I have always had plans, and my plans have always been in the works. To push them up in such a way has set me slightly ajar. I have faith that all will be well. I have no apprehensions of you that I will let bother me. Yet I will not take a fall either. So now that you know what a man I was, it is time to focus those thoughts into what kind of man you see, cause I am that I am.
Do you feel Me.
See me for my beauty and not through the eyes of someone elses despair.


Why do I feel so quiet?
I woke up this morning feeling sensitive and kiss by the spirit.

Why does it seem my words are few?
the expression of my soul is too much to bare.

Why is my tongue silent?
my words can build worlds or destroy them

Why don't I speak?
I have not mastered the art of listening

Why doesn't my throat make a sound?
I can barely breathe right now, I can not hear my breath.

I apologize my Angel, I can only be quiet now. For I want to have my own voice.

I apologize my Angel for when I speak, I can not hear you.

I apologize because I am too emotional to soothe myself and only you can soothe me with one little finger.

I apologize because I find myself defending my love.

I apologize cause I find myself protecting my gift from the universe.

I apologize because I can't hold your attention through the distance.

I apologize cause no matter what I study or learn, I am still human.

I apologize cause your sweet love fills me up and I can't imagine you not being in my life.

I apologize cause I have always given love, and have not been good at receiving it.

I apologize cause I only want to sooth you, love you and make you happy the way soul mates do.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Amazing

My Angel it is so amazing to wake up with this blessed feeling having you in my heart. I just want to know you and nothing else. I can study all the books and ancient texts on inner love and spiritual cultivation, but nothing compares to this magic I feel in my heart for you. I can live this magic, touch it and feel it radiate through me. I am thankful for all the days in my life that lead to the moment of coming into your grace. I feel as if I finally returned home after a long toiling battle. I am serene, I am at peace, I feel really good, all parts of my body is smiling. I feel that I have been kissed by an Angel. Even Jesus Christ had his Mary of Magdalene by his side, she was probably the power of the love he had to perform all those miracles. That is how you make me feel. That the power of the holy spirit has blessed me and I can perform great miracles. I am joyous, I am triumphant. I have found the secret to life and that is the love for you! It is so amazing.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wake up

Baby, I woke up today beautifully in love, feel me Angel , my sensitive spirit longs for you. I am so complete with you, everything makes so much sense.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Angel Knows

My Angel do you know I am listening to your cd "Love", while I lay my head waiting to fall asleep. It was a great time with you tonight back and forth. Baby we are so together even though we are far apart. I am working on and end to that. I really just need to be with you. I will focus really hard on what I need to do and I thank you for your encouragement. You really make me feel good. Your love is a diamond and you fill me with laughter from your innocent silly wit. Baby let me remind you, I am an unusually rare good little boy. Of course I have my sides, but I am thorough joy. My Angel you make me feel safe and I like it. You make me feel so loved like I have never known. I am so wide opened for you. I have this feeling inside which almost feels like I am scared, but there is nothing to be scared of, is this the feeling of being vulnerable is. But it is ok to feel that way isn't it. I know you will keep me at ease and sooth me as you always do.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blinded by You

Baby I am blind, but I wish not to see cause all I see is you. Baby I am blind there is nothing in my line of sight just a bright light of you. Baby I can not see cause every where I look you are standing there smiling at me baby I am blind cause you you are the only truth I want to know

Baby I can't think, cause thoughts of you consume me, My angel I can't think cause nothing makes sense but you. Baby my thought are gone, all I have is memories of you. Baby I can't think I'm entranced by the love of you.

my angel i'm in love, cause this feeling is something new, my angel I'm in love cause the air I breath is you, my angel love me back, I want to be a person of truth, I love you my angel in your arms I want to die with you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Read My Mind

I wake up early desperately to breath you and love you, The sun shines through my window and kisses me with love that reminds me of my everlasting sentiments for you. I want to burn for you for billions of aeon's to come. Yes, I too am scared, shaking nervously inside. I wish you can read my mind, my heart is building up with love that is equivalents to a volcanoes combustible pressure. Lava of love is constantly oozing out from within me with a serious heat that scorches. It burns me from my feet, rising up my legs, it singes my spine as it travels through my chest. My throat becomes dry as I feel the heat finally racing across my tongue transmuting verses of passion.
Open me up my Angel, take a look inside and tour the depths of my soul. There is a temple inside me, an inner shrine faithfully dedicated to every atom of you and every breathe that you inhale and exhale. From the alpha to the omega my love contains within it all the wisdom of the ancients to support behold you and cuddle you. Inside you will find a haven for your heart, soft gentle music to fill you, scribes of the gods to enlighten you, a force to lift you up. If you can read my mind you will be doubtless, serenity will encompass you.
When you look at the moon at night it is reflecting my love for you, for I am a child of the moon. It now watches over you. When I look up in the night sky it reminds me of our drive down I-15 when I was in heaven just being with you and seeing all the stars glistening and dancing in the nights horizon. I was completely overwhelmed with emotions, for everything I ever wanted to do or experience in life or dreams, begins with a shotgun ride in your chariot of your love. Your spirit is the only one to take me there. I
f you could read my mind, you will know I lived a life of grace and truth amongst all the torment and chaos of this lost world. If you could read my mind you would know that I was with out answers on love, I was beginning to feel that I confused myself all my life, that I conjured up this image of falsity in which I wanted so dearly to embrace...and then I found you! If you could read my mind you will know that my love is a powerful tonic and only a few drops are necessary bliss for you to survive in. If you could read my mind you will know how much I am refraining from speaking, touching, caressing you when I already am drowning you in so much tenderness, yes if you could read my mind you would know I am on the verge of spontaneous combustion cause I just can't hold it in.
If you could read my mind you will know that every cell in my body is happy loving you. If you can read my mind you will know that you are already forgiven a thousand times, you can do no wrong, and I won't ever wrong you or chance that. I f you can read my mind you would know that I am aware that you are a once in a lifetime love. Since I lived my life for nearly four scores, I know what you are to me, I want you to know what I am to you. I want to be the gentle breeze that lifts my Angels wings. Baby take 10 minutes quietly a day to read my mind! {I will settle for 5 at this point :-( }

Monday, January 11, 2010

How Much Do I Love Thee

...So much I love you that it is joyously painful. So intense that I am not at ease until I hear your voice, kiss your lips or touch your face. So thorough that you have no faults and represent true perfection in my heart. So willingly that I let down my guard to absorb the blows from which ever direction they may come. So lovingly that I dedicate daily time to focus on you with intent so that you can feel my thoughts and energy surrounding you. So strongly that when I am loving you even my gentlest touch will bruise you. So passionately that I become exhausted and faint from the slightest recollection of our togetherness. So truly that I am blind to the existence that there are other people walking on this planet among us. So devotedly that every little thing that I can do for you becomes my main focus to make it even better than you can ever ask for. So courageously that I am impermeable to the fears and doubts that life may bring in my path. So openly that I confess the sensitivity of my love to strangers. So committed that I can contract an agreement of my love on the back of a napkin for you to keep as a sweet momentum of an unbroken promise. So freely that I feel no one is looking when we kiss and make out, So adventurously that anytime and anyplace is the right time and the right place, So musically that the best duets of all times can not say enough about how I feel for you, So creatively that even a song I write for you I wish someone written it for me to give you and sang it to. My Angel, please know I love you for always and will never stop. If for one day there is not something new for you to read on this shrine that I dedicate to the love of you then please reread all of my love from the beginning in memory of me cause I will be no more!

Speak to Me

Speak to me from your heart to my heart, feel me as you feel yourself. Nothing is confusion, it is all in understanding, it's all just is! All you need is to feel me to you. We are for reason. Life already is an illusion, I provide to you the looking glass to see it clearly and to see through me... I will be what you think of me, u must not create the illusion. I am that I am.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't Put Me in a Box

I must regain composure my Angel. I seriously need to her words from you that are reassuring and deeply soothing. I want your love. I beg your understanding and implore you to have faith. Your spirit is the fire that I currently live on and it must not smolder. You are the air that oxygenate my flames so that they burn forever brightly. I wish not to think that my wildfires are being place in containment, for that would not cleanse the old and permit dry land to yield rebirth for new sprouts. It will not allow for changes and transformation to shape a new landscape. It would not allow the returning to the earth from which it came to encourage the cycle of life. A box, encourages limitation on germination and growth. A box would not allow the radiant light of the life giving sun to shine upon the young nestling seedlings unaware of the impending short fate that their lifeline has ceased to provide. I have walk those acres of lands from old. I even hid in the brush thinking I would be safe from the dangers. I realized that I can not defeat the fire as it became a symbol of light. It became the icon of free will, warmth and faith in the human kind. I burn with the fire, I am the fires passion, I carry that flame within my heart to enlighten life as once Prometheus did. I can not be chained to a rock for vulchers to pick at me for all eternity. For we all need the flame, for its light, warmth, fuel, energy, and ability to forge hardness into softness. I burn. I constantly burn with desire. I know how to forge beauty from the heat. I embrace it, it is my temper, it is my love, it is my faith it is the way I care. I am a fire walker, my love. I am not a small flame as in a Bunsen burner from a lab, but a great fire with the spirit of the sun. See my immortal light my angel, feel my warmth my angel, burn with me in trueness and Do Not Put Me In a Box. Do you feel me?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Quiet Moment

My Angel thank you for sending your love today. I can feel it, I feel my body and mind being energized. I sense your focus and loving thoughts of me. I do appreciate this feeling you are giving me, maintain it my love, soak it up and be still in it for a quiet moment. Baby I am you, you are me, we coexist in a magnetic bond of our hearts. As I look at your photo baby I am reliving our fond memories together I am singing duets to comes your part baby Sing!... We are destiny, and we will transcend together in worlds to come.