Sunday, January 17, 2010


Why do I feel so quiet?
I woke up this morning feeling sensitive and kiss by the spirit.

Why does it seem my words are few?
the expression of my soul is too much to bare.

Why is my tongue silent?
my words can build worlds or destroy them

Why don't I speak?
I have not mastered the art of listening

Why doesn't my throat make a sound?
I can barely breathe right now, I can not hear my breath.

I apologize my Angel, I can only be quiet now. For I want to have my own voice.

I apologize my Angel for when I speak, I can not hear you.

I apologize because I am too emotional to soothe myself and only you can soothe me with one little finger.

I apologize because I find myself defending my love.

I apologize cause I find myself protecting my gift from the universe.

I apologize because I can't hold your attention through the distance.

I apologize cause no matter what I study or learn, I am still human.

I apologize cause your sweet love fills me up and I can't imagine you not being in my life.

I apologize cause I have always given love, and have not been good at receiving it.

I apologize cause I only want to sooth you, love you and make you happy the way soul mates do.

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