Friday, January 22, 2010

Medley of Love

My angel, you are my heart
The world is jealous of a love like ours
You and I collide universes cause what we feel for each other is so great
We have magic that is based on love
I can wait for our reunion
our risky tryst in the streets
our dirty dancing like a high school prom
our passionate and sensuous kisses during showtime
The tears we cried from overwhelming emotions
The bruises, back breaking, tossing around love making(I'll be gentler baby)
our smiles lit up the room
we bestowed magic on others from our shear happiness
they were all watching, real love unfold

I miss you my sweetheart. you are everything I prayed for , hope for, and imagine all rolled up in one.
I will not, cannot, and would not ever let you go. You are my love captive for eternity

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