Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Light of Destiny

Let it be written, let it be done that you are destiny's light. Be it known to you that you have a divine right to be love the way you deserve and to receive the love fit for a princess angel. A gentle love fit for a tender heart. A love of understanding and strength to cradle a sensitive child of virtue. My arms are big and strong for you to hold within. My heart beats with courage and faith to guide you through. I am here, I know, I got you, I am with you, I am you!

You complete me, I have been preparing my life for you. I have been following my heart remaining open to your welcoming. You have come. Now you are here. Now there's no fear. Cause we are one in heart and soul. We believe in something that others can't see. We believe in something that others can't feel. We know something that others can't know. That is because we believe in a higher power of magic, love and faith and a god that rules inside of our hearts.

We have been blessed my dear. truly blessed with love. I am forever thankful for my life and divine guidance, ever thankful for all my life's experiences that I can share with you. Ever understanding the true meaning of love not only for the love inside myself but for the love for others. People may not know me or understand me for what I have faith in, however there is a higher power of spirit or divine presence, that knows what truth lies within my heart. It is the same truth and belief that I had as a child that I could never let go of. It is that innocence of a child who would put his finger into an electric wall socket only to get a powerful jolting shock, did I not know better, was I naive, was I careless or was I really fearless. I just want to be me, as me as I know and to be with you as the you that I know. To treat like a gentle flower, a princess an angel to always completely and fulfillingly love you til no end. I will always be your happiness as you will always be mine. The storm is over, let the sunshine in my love. Love is Forever!

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