Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Thank You

There is nothing better than your love. I am and always will be there to caress your thoughts and comfort your emotions. You are a gentle soul and I would never judge you my Angel. I fully and completely accept you and desire you for better or for worse, I will take care of you and safely guide you through this stormy transition. Days will be brighter, cause you will learn to command the brightness, Pleasure will be fulfilled, cause you will know what true pleasure is. Happiness will be in everything you see, because you see evrything happy. Focus, then let go my Angel, imagine how you want it all to unfold. I am listening to your heart closely as it echoes your soul's lament. I sing with it in harmony, we are a duet of love. My Angel my heart is settling, my soul is at ease. I am bonding with you ever so deeply. I feel you so near, I see only you. I want to love you in so many ways, in so many lands, for so many times to come. My Angel my heart is yours, I offer you my entire soul. I thanks you for your love. I thank you for time and long talks with plenty laughs. I miss you. I thank you for thinking of me. I thank you for telling me you love me. I thank you for sending me photos of your pretty face. I thank you for allowing me to grace your body with a gentle loving touch, I thank you for permitting me to be the only one that shares your gift of love that you ofter to me . I am humble to you my love, with a pharoah's respect. Have a wonderful, day the way you see fit!

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