Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am That... I am

My love is special, my love is forever. That's what I want you know of me. My love is intense, my love is overbearing but that is what I have for you. My love can be smothering my love may be jealous but that's the love I have for you. My love is uplifting my love is sensitive, but that is the love I have for you. My love is focused, my love is eternal. that is the love I have for you. My love is unconditional my love is patient, that is the love I have for you. My love is happiness and full of faith, that is the love I have for you. My love is gentle my love is earth moving, but that is the love I have for you. My love is long distance like a soldier when I rather be there to protect you, but that is the love I have for you.

Baby I told you I live a life unlike others. I told told you I have a faith and believe unlike others, I told you I have had miracles and experiences unlike others. Yes It seems have been tarnished with words of malice. Yes I rather the energy to flow between us uninhibited. That is said and done, nothing I can do about it, but remain with my faith in myself and hope that faith is felt in you. So forgive me if I filter the sound of unfaith from your lips for you not know what you do. However I do understand it. That is a old world for me, my faith can not be shaken, my truth can not be broken. I must live as I live and do as I do. Its means everything to be with you and I will do anything by all means necessary for that regardless of how you feel of the methodology. I must utilize what I have been given to do the job I set out for. Yes I know I deeply love you, and there is much I need to do to prove that always. But there is also a love for myself and facts that I know and live by. I have been a changed man already. I do not need to change in to anything more. Release those old concepts, cause I wish you not to be haunted by it or succumb to it's fear. You must also see the good in me, then just speaking of things of not so good thoughts. Be not afraid. What you are hearing from me now is my fears releasing from within. I had a fearful 1st week away from you since I let intangible thoughts and emotions get the best of me. I know where my heart is at and it is for you. I want to synchronize with you as much as possible. Truthfully I have always had plans, and my plans have always been in the works. To push them up in such a way has set me slightly ajar. I have faith that all will be well. I have no apprehensions of you that I will let bother me. Yet I will not take a fall either. So now that you know what a man I was, it is time to focus those thoughts into what kind of man you see, cause I am that I am.
Do you feel Me.
See me for my beauty and not through the eyes of someone elses despair.

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