Saturday, January 16, 2010

So Amazing

My Angel it is so amazing to wake up with this blessed feeling having you in my heart. I just want to know you and nothing else. I can study all the books and ancient texts on inner love and spiritual cultivation, but nothing compares to this magic I feel in my heart for you. I can live this magic, touch it and feel it radiate through me. I am thankful for all the days in my life that lead to the moment of coming into your grace. I feel as if I finally returned home after a long toiling battle. I am serene, I am at peace, I feel really good, all parts of my body is smiling. I feel that I have been kissed by an Angel. Even Jesus Christ had his Mary of Magdalene by his side, she was probably the power of the love he had to perform all those miracles. That is how you make me feel. That the power of the holy spirit has blessed me and I can perform great miracles. I am joyous, I am triumphant. I have found the secret to life and that is the love for you! It is so amazing.

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