Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Angel Knows

My Angel do you know I am listening to your cd "Love", while I lay my head waiting to fall asleep. It was a great time with you tonight back and forth. Baby we are so together even though we are far apart. I am working on and end to that. I really just need to be with you. I will focus really hard on what I need to do and I thank you for your encouragement. You really make me feel good. Your love is a diamond and you fill me with laughter from your innocent silly wit. Baby let me remind you, I am an unusually rare good little boy. Of course I have my sides, but I am thorough joy. My Angel you make me feel safe and I like it. You make me feel so loved like I have never known. I am so wide opened for you. I have this feeling inside which almost feels like I am scared, but there is nothing to be scared of, is this the feeling of being vulnerable is. But it is ok to feel that way isn't it. I know you will keep me at ease and sooth me as you always do.

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