Saturday, January 23, 2010

Because of You

I feel serene. I felt my spirit calling me all week. I definitely will head the call. For it was this sensation that lead my heart in which I followed to my Angel. That sense of sureness and inevitability that everything will be done as it is willed to be done. My angel you touched my sensitive side and I have been feeling you ever so strongly all these days. Now with the security of your love for me, I have replenished my strength, acknowledge the calmness with in and I am ready to resume my work. I know strength, I am strength. I summon all my strength within to support our love. I miss you so much my love. I am overflowing inside with that loving peace from days ago. It still resides around me like an aura.

I am there for you my Angel with such devotion. I know It is possible to love someone so deeply as I love you now you will know. It is real in so many ways and in so many ways it is unreal. It is a precious feeling. I have the feeling as if I am on the altar at the moment and I am about to read my vows. There is this feeling of knowing this is it. Like the moment has arrived, look no more, doubt no more, be forever sure. That every step in my life was with purpose and that purpose is you. Because of you I have regained belief in true love. Because of you I am in touch with my inner passion. Because of you I will do anything. Because of you I can will a great future. Because I believe in you I believe in love, because I believe in love I can do greatness.

We are the love of god, and I am humble and thankful. There are so many lonely people, but we will be an instrument of faith in love together. We will reawaken peoples heart to their true inner selves. Everyone will see hope and happiness for our well being. No one can discredit our magic, our kisses, our touch, our happiness or our tears. Will try to keep the tears to a few. Only tears of extreme happiness. I want to make sure we are both smiling deep in our souls. We both know we are both right about how we feel about each other like never before. That is all that matters. Have a blessed day my love. I love you always til there is no more.

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