Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My Angel I will forever remind you of my innermost feelings for you. I never want you to lose site of hope, faith, love and happiness. I find you to be a rare true gem and in me you find the same. The universe is unfolding a grand destiny before us. Stars are aligning in our solar system as you read this. This galactic alignment is not a once in a lifetime event, but a once in a silver millennia. There is power flowing through us both and that power is love. Love is the only power, the only magic and you and I will cultivate it for an even higher godly cause and be an instrument of faith and hope.

As I speak the poles of the earth are beginning to shift their magnetic force. You and I are harnessing the power of love to pull us through life's negotiations and fulfilling a void of true happiness. We are awakening to accept a hidden truth that there is that special someone out there for each individual if they are open to see it and accept it. Baby I know it's you. You know it's me. Yes there were risk that had to be taken and hurdles that had to be jumped. But somehow we took it with a leap of faith because you and I, living to the law according to our hearts and not our minds know the deepest truth about how we feel about each other and the value of love. We are committed, we know we can not let go, we know the magic we have experienced, we witness our feelings growing stronger, we lived and learned to prepare to love each other in perfection. Perfect in emotions, perfect in understanding, perfect in feelings and perfect in love. I wish that people maintain hope and faith in magic and the perfection of self to love and hold on to love. Gnite My Angel

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