Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't Put Me in a Box

I must regain composure my Angel. I seriously need to her words from you that are reassuring and deeply soothing. I want your love. I beg your understanding and implore you to have faith. Your spirit is the fire that I currently live on and it must not smolder. You are the air that oxygenate my flames so that they burn forever brightly. I wish not to think that my wildfires are being place in containment, for that would not cleanse the old and permit dry land to yield rebirth for new sprouts. It will not allow for changes and transformation to shape a new landscape. It would not allow the returning to the earth from which it came to encourage the cycle of life. A box, encourages limitation on germination and growth. A box would not allow the radiant light of the life giving sun to shine upon the young nestling seedlings unaware of the impending short fate that their lifeline has ceased to provide. I have walk those acres of lands from old. I even hid in the brush thinking I would be safe from the dangers. I realized that I can not defeat the fire as it became a symbol of light. It became the icon of free will, warmth and faith in the human kind. I burn with the fire, I am the fires passion, I carry that flame within my heart to enlighten life as once Prometheus did. I can not be chained to a rock for vulchers to pick at me for all eternity. For we all need the flame, for its light, warmth, fuel, energy, and ability to forge hardness into softness. I burn. I constantly burn with desire. I know how to forge beauty from the heat. I embrace it, it is my temper, it is my love, it is my faith it is the way I care. I am a fire walker, my love. I am not a small flame as in a Bunsen burner from a lab, but a great fire with the spirit of the sun. See my immortal light my angel, feel my warmth my angel, burn with me in trueness and Do Not Put Me In a Box. Do you feel me?

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