Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happiness From the Pursuit

My Angel, we know what feels good and we know what feels right. Only we know the truth when quietly looking inside of ourselves. Only we know what we are looking for. This understanding is important if we are to ever successfully employ the power of faith

What makes us happy? Do we feel we are entitled to be happy? Everyone deserves happiness. Life is an experience that we go through to learn from and to teach as a collective. Happiness is an existence in which we connect with as a positive state of being. We should all be happy, we should all demand happiness from life. Life is the pursuit of happiness. But we must pursue it in accordance to what our heart feels. You alone know what you feel. You alone know what makes you happy. We can not expect others to fill a void within us, if we do not know what it is that needs to be filled. If so then both become blind leading the blind and misery is inevitable. Be happy for yourself, then others will and must be happy for you. Do not worry yourself with how others may deal with their problems, you must deal with your own first and foremost so that you can help them deal with theirs. We can say this does not feel right inside, but it is all just that... a feeling. How one interprets this feeling is of their own will and state of mind. But we do not want our minds to lead us, we need our hearts to do that. Our hearts try to constantly deliver us from suffering and find a path to happiness. Happiness is simple, it is not at the store, it is not in the bank, it is true and complete priceless love.

Faith is based on certainty. We look for the signs in our life, those details which only we recognize and relate to. We take these icons and form our system to guide us in truth. We must not fear what life throws us, since fear is an inhibitor to liberation of the self. Liberation of the self is freedom. We must desire to be free from the bondage that holds us down, free from the bondage of accepting ourselves, free from the bondage that limits our potential. Faith is believing. Believing is telling our self over and over gain, a repetitive thought that makes our complete body and mind vibrate to an existence that we no longer retain doubt and fear failure. Faith is the only remedy to any successful love, relationship, business etc. One must have a constant burning desire to see themselves through life utilizing the power of faith.

Our thoughts are tiny electronic pulse that travel at the speed of light. These thoughts contain a charge as that of electrons or magnetic poles. The thoughts we keep inside will attract similar thoughts of the same nature. We must keep a focus, positive mental state of faith if we are to see ourselves down the path of life. See happiness, have faith in it and it will be. See life as you see fit, have faith in it and it will be. You have the power to will your self into a strong belief of faith and to overcome any obstacles and succeed any impossible.

Always loving your soul my Angel, for all of eternity. Please maintain and do not lose faith in our love. You must not be swayed, you must know what you want, you must follow your heart, you must live truth and you must be happy by having faith and living your dreams as you see life in your own happy view.. . LIFE CAN BE EXACTLY WHAT YOU VISUALIZE WITH FAITH!

I am always with you in love and soul!

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