Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blinded by You

Baby I am blind, but I wish not to see cause all I see is you. Baby I am blind there is nothing in my line of sight just a bright light of you. Baby I can not see cause every where I look you are standing there smiling at me baby I am blind cause you you are the only truth I want to know

Baby I can't think, cause thoughts of you consume me, My angel I can't think cause nothing makes sense but you. Baby my thought are gone, all I have is memories of you. Baby I can't think I'm entranced by the love of you.

my angel i'm in love, cause this feeling is something new, my angel I'm in love cause the air I breath is you, my angel love me back, I want to be a person of truth, I love you my angel in your arms I want to die with you.

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