Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Read My Mind

I wake up early desperately to breath you and love you, The sun shines through my window and kisses me with love that reminds me of my everlasting sentiments for you. I want to burn for you for billions of aeon's to come. Yes, I too am scared, shaking nervously inside. I wish you can read my mind, my heart is building up with love that is equivalents to a volcanoes combustible pressure. Lava of love is constantly oozing out from within me with a serious heat that scorches. It burns me from my feet, rising up my legs, it singes my spine as it travels through my chest. My throat becomes dry as I feel the heat finally racing across my tongue transmuting verses of passion.
Open me up my Angel, take a look inside and tour the depths of my soul. There is a temple inside me, an inner shrine faithfully dedicated to every atom of you and every breathe that you inhale and exhale. From the alpha to the omega my love contains within it all the wisdom of the ancients to support behold you and cuddle you. Inside you will find a haven for your heart, soft gentle music to fill you, scribes of the gods to enlighten you, a force to lift you up. If you can read my mind you will be doubtless, serenity will encompass you.
When you look at the moon at night it is reflecting my love for you, for I am a child of the moon. It now watches over you. When I look up in the night sky it reminds me of our drive down I-15 when I was in heaven just being with you and seeing all the stars glistening and dancing in the nights horizon. I was completely overwhelmed with emotions, for everything I ever wanted to do or experience in life or dreams, begins with a shotgun ride in your chariot of your love. Your spirit is the only one to take me there. I
f you could read my mind, you will know I lived a life of grace and truth amongst all the torment and chaos of this lost world. If you could read my mind you would know that I was with out answers on love, I was beginning to feel that I confused myself all my life, that I conjured up this image of falsity in which I wanted so dearly to embrace...and then I found you! If you could read my mind you will know that my love is a powerful tonic and only a few drops are necessary bliss for you to survive in. If you could read my mind you will know how much I am refraining from speaking, touching, caressing you when I already am drowning you in so much tenderness, yes if you could read my mind you would know I am on the verge of spontaneous combustion cause I just can't hold it in.
If you could read my mind you will know that every cell in my body is happy loving you. If you can read my mind you will know that you are already forgiven a thousand times, you can do no wrong, and I won't ever wrong you or chance that. I f you can read my mind you would know that I am aware that you are a once in a lifetime love. Since I lived my life for nearly four scores, I know what you are to me, I want you to know what I am to you. I want to be the gentle breeze that lifts my Angels wings. Baby take 10 minutes quietly a day to read my mind! {I will settle for 5 at this point :-( }

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