Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starts with Love Inside

Because it is real love. I can say I would do anything for you. Because Love is not in my mind, it is my heart. One's mind can not decide love, for this is a function of the heart. Following your heart does not trick you, but your mind will play the cruelest jokes. Your heart will take you through leaps and bounds, your mind will take you down a dark path. If you believe in love then miracles flourish, weaknesses become strength, doubt becomes certainty, fear becomes courage.

The truest love, is the strength to love oneself. For that is the strongest foundation in which we use as a gauge to love others. Doing what our heart knows is right frees our mind from frustration. Removing obstacles of the self one block at a time provides a path of clarity to walk freely. We become liberated from the mental slavery that inhibits true inner happiness. We must fight inner battles if we are ever to deal with the war of the world. We must win, we must land ashore and burn all ships, for there is no turning back or running away. We must see the truth through the darkness. We must want it. We can feel we are shrugging thoughts off in the distance, but the truth of our sensitive nature is that these thoughts cling to our inner being shaping our exterior. We must see and be clear about looking inside of our selves. We must put aside time to do so. If we do not take time out to nurture an infant child, then how can that child develop in health. So it is with ourselves. We must not take the usual mundane time that we have been doing all of our lives, but we must sit back and take a deliberate moment to be alone and within ourselves. We must pull ourselves to stop and just listen to our forgotten breath within us. We must consciously make a deliberate effort.

Do not take life, your mind, your heart and love for granted. For nothing comes easy without dedicated work and that work begins with you inside. You must take the attitude of dealing with yourself like the Spartan's Last 300. You must rather fight for truth rather than to die in hell.

My angel as always my soul speaks to you, you must tune into me. Do not think our obstacles and test will be few. But we must acknowledge and prepare to bond our love. We must seal the truth within us. I am ready for you in love, in heart and mind and body. I am truth. I am inner love. I am waiting for you. I am that I am.

Love me deeply my Angel with your deepest heart, like no other, like no truer, like no warmer. The universe had smiled on me 2 days ago blessing me with a light kiss of forgiveness. I am forging that into strength for your love. Be careful what you wish for my dear, because it has been sent to you, it is within your grasp, open totally to accept it, do not fight it. A magic like this bestowed upon you is a rare form.

A love like ours need no trials and errors, our love does not need probation. Our love needs faith in a giant locking leap. Be with me for all times with your heart in our happiness and my love. I am crying out to you! I am you. You shall no longer suffer, you will have eternal life in love and never know death. I will cradle you godly, I will touch you gently, move in you slowly, talk to you sweetly, shower you sensuously. I am you, do you know what you want and are you ready. There are no forces preventing anything from becoming manifestation, only the blocks we stack in front of our vision. Only we can makes us be, only we can make us not be. Lets just choose to be. Do not leave our love up to chance, but a conscious effort. I love you forever. Would I do anything,yes! One day you may end up with one of my fingers making it to your mailbox, cause I told you I am forever and I will do anything for you. I am that I am.

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