Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its What You Think...

My dearest Angel we are what we think. Keep your thoughts focused and pleasant. Keep your mind strong. Your soldier is at war and will be there soon to rescue you. I must importantly say, angel to keep u strong, understand that alcohol is a drug that is classified as a depressant. Do lot let people trick you into drinking. Now I demand your cooperation and strength for your own inner love. Do not drink no more, no excuses. It does u no good. It has only been hurting u. Rise above common people you are not a human, you are a graceful gentle spirit, an angel. Think above the average. Yes you are a monkey, but what monkey see, monkey does not have to do. There is strength in virtue.

We do not need to walk in a path of inner moral corruption. We do have a light inside us to follow. I am loving you. You are my heart. You should be filled with faith in love, and not with worries, concerns and fears.

Do you know what it feels like to walk into a temple or church. Do you recall that feeling inside. You can always have that feeling inside you if you want it to. Any thing other than positive thoughts and emotions can remove bricks from the foundation of your love within. Be aware when these thoughts come to your mind and shake them away fast. Do not let them simmer brewing storms of doubt and fear within you.

My angel you are strong but you must believe that you are strong first. My angel your love is unique, your heart is pure and you are special, but you must believe that first. We have been through major test only to prove that love conquers all. That faith is the only antidote when we cannot find the answers to cure the troubles of life and within ourselves.

You consume my heart to much for me ever to experience loneliness. Yes I miss you incredibly. My every thought and action is in faith of our love and desire to be together with you as fast and immediate as possible. Think love and feel love, think lonely and feel lonely, think strong then be strong, think sex then be sex. We are what we think. Do not allow to be enslaved by thoughts that are not of a positive nature. Let magic fill you, not daily urges. you think you are the nature of your being because that is what you believe you are, do not believe that. Believe in what you know can better you, empower you strengthen you. It takes effort like all champion spirits. You have the ability to be better by commanding yourself to do so.

Look into the mirror and see that angel of you, tell her you love her, tell her she is strong not weak, tell her she is virtue, tell her she is love, tell her she is unlike others, tell her she is strength, tell her no she is not weak, tell her no she is not pressured, tell her there is magic, tell her there is hope, tell her there is faith, tell her there is god inside her soul. Tell her that you have been watching her all your life and you know who she is inside. BE THAT ANGEL!

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