Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am in WOW

I am kind of lost for words my Angel. Can you believe that? After spending so many hours talking to you last night, You once again deepen my spirits and moved me immensely. There is no doubt about us. We are a destiny. My Angel you are my rock. We are one. We feel for one another in an everlasting way, a burning way. I thank you for opening up to me. I thank you for believing in me. I could ask nothing more from life and god. Your sweet words extract passion from the debt of my soul.

I feel like I may be rambling on. You have touched me so. My inner being feels as if it has been busted open with the jaws of life. I am exposed! You have a VIP lifetime diamond exclusive contract for my love. My gentle Angel, I must be with you at any cost. It is becoming difficult to be away from you. Yes, the weather is great where you are. I really can do anything from anywhere. It is a must that I can wake up next to you. I have to take care of you. I need to tuck you in and have you fall asleep in my arms every night. I need for you to wake up everyday with god's smile shining on you. BABY I WILL RESCUE YOU!

I am raging. I need to act fast and furiously for the love of you then I must slow down the hands of time to breath in moments of unison with you. We have a need to be, an obligation to do the right thing for our souls. We will be eternal happiness. I want to say vows to you. I want to make contracts of love with you. Notarize my heart my angel, I am a testament and will and proof of higher love. I give you a love of perfection. I wish not to be human with you. I wish to be inhuman with you and love you like an immortal god. I give you a love that will spark legends, myths and fairytale stories of hope and inspiration and folklore for many generations to come. We are the impossible my Angel. We have done it. We have taken a leap in faith for what we feel in our souls. It is the right thing. I am blind around me. I am love within you. You are my work. You are my reward. My Angel I am permanently with you. I am in your orbit and your feelings and love is the gravity that maintains me. I am in wow!

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