Monday, January 11, 2010

How Much Do I Love Thee

...So much I love you that it is joyously painful. So intense that I am not at ease until I hear your voice, kiss your lips or touch your face. So thorough that you have no faults and represent true perfection in my heart. So willingly that I let down my guard to absorb the blows from which ever direction they may come. So lovingly that I dedicate daily time to focus on you with intent so that you can feel my thoughts and energy surrounding you. So strongly that when I am loving you even my gentlest touch will bruise you. So passionately that I become exhausted and faint from the slightest recollection of our togetherness. So truly that I am blind to the existence that there are other people walking on this planet among us. So devotedly that every little thing that I can do for you becomes my main focus to make it even better than you can ever ask for. So courageously that I am impermeable to the fears and doubts that life may bring in my path. So openly that I confess the sensitivity of my love to strangers. So committed that I can contract an agreement of my love on the back of a napkin for you to keep as a sweet momentum of an unbroken promise. So freely that I feel no one is looking when we kiss and make out, So adventurously that anytime and anyplace is the right time and the right place, So musically that the best duets of all times can not say enough about how I feel for you, So creatively that even a song I write for you I wish someone written it for me to give you and sang it to. My Angel, please know I love you for always and will never stop. If for one day there is not something new for you to read on this shrine that I dedicate to the love of you then please reread all of my love from the beginning in memory of me cause I will be no more!

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