Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At Home With Hope

There has never been a better feeling, my dear to wake up and feel you in my heart no matter where you may be or myself. I have never felt a better sense of security, at homeness, peace or tranquility knowing I will be living a focus life, living each day to attain our goal and make the impossible happen. There is always sunshine after the weather of a bad storm, I feel the storm is over and can actually feel the radiant light from the sky warming my body. Baby I recall momentarily when we breathed together : in-hold it-out-hold it and again. It was a soulful feeling of togetherness, it was not sex, It was you and I exchanging the breath of life in comfort of one another. My Angel we need to acknowledge everyday to the dept of heaven that we are thankful for the uniting of our to lost spirits into one. I thank you for empowering me with undying and unconditional faith. I love you for very word, breath, touch, kiss, hug, meal, shower, dance, lovemaking, look, caress, massage, and fun that you shared with me. I love you so much and feel that I already have so many memories of you as if you have always been there. You make me feel super young in spirit and childish in heart, and mature in loving. Can't wait to the next time we race down a long hotel corridor like kids in an amusement park. Love is forever my angel and I love you a thousand times more than that and you know it! Have a blessed day my angel, I am with you til no end!


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