Thursday, September 3, 2009

If you believe...


What am I to you? Baby everyday I would wake up crying next to you because of an overwhelming feeling of love that I never thought could exist or even be possible in world of impossibilities. I left you in a zone of truth, inner love and happiness for you and your family. I know you. I know what you need. You do not need false promises to make up from mistakes or inner insecurities. You need to be permanently secured in love. You do not need someone who can provide for you at the moment because you have that. You need faith and hope knowing that what you really want takes focus, courage and discipline. Are you not ready for that. Are memories of the hollow flesh dictating your well being. Are you also not ready to accept what you ask for because it seems like a dream that you can not handle. Is it because you feel you are not worthy like millions of others on this planet who are willing to accept defeat in their life of illusions and settle for second to last in a hopeless journey. Do you understand the concept of faith? Do you believe in love or miracles? Do remember our intimate magic of how life stopped and waited for us at every corner returning jackpots of happiness and love to us. Do you recall when we were so into each other not observing the world around how bells, whistle and arpeggios would ring of true love found. Do you recall how when we make love to one another that our passion was so intense that we took the lives away from some of the worlds greatest givers. You must see the signs clearly my love. I beg you to know, understand and see the truth. Ironically you have references that would secure your heart. Even in half love, I could love greater than any man with full love. And when I love fully, I love only with the divine grace of a God. You look at my faults and judge me. Why do you do this to me my Angel. I know you have a tarnished imaged of me and it is only cause you allowed it. I provide you with simple ihnstruction that you should follow out the joyfulness of your heart willingly. I do not want to see the signs baby. You are confused. Ask her how and why I fell from grace, ask her how I was always there daily. Do not only see the 3 times I was not there since my heart was never there to start with. That is me. Yes I am unreal. But to you I am the realest ever to grace your love. Wake up and focus on me. Start your day with a secret power to happiness. Learn our duets. Love your family. Play new songs. Tell me how much I mean to you and that you waited for me all your life and you can wait just a little more. Provide me with the fuel I need to believe that can take me to new heights that is all I ask for you. If it is part of me you need physically I can cut a finger for you to keep by side as testament to my will. Stay in a happy place. Forget the unhappy past and now live for a glorious future if you believe in love. Give that love to your kids since the years are few. Do not let your mind trick you into thoughts of pain and sorrow which are illusions to challenge your inner self. Know what is right with certainty that moves your soul. Do not gamble our virtue, do not misuse the powers of the soul. Stay guided on a true truth. But you have to believe. You have to fast! You have to desire. You always have the upper hand. You know my weakness's as I am being tested now with reason. I accept my call, I will avail. You must see me through with words to me that are always from the heart and not the con of the mind. We are water to each others arid souls. Baby what can I do. You accepted our duties, you push the clock to tick faster. Yes I want you in a desperate way. Are you ready for that. I want you now baby in a forever way. However my love, I will fight your heart, but I will not be challenged by any man or beast lesser than the genuine love of me. I do not duel! As dueling is for ancient barbarians. For I am hard yet delicate, I am the love of aeon's forged from the pressures of life to have a love that vibrates of perfection. I will not stop believing. But I will stop settling, for I know my worth. That even the love of loves is not worthy of my heart that I offer to you. If you believe then you will radiate daily in our glow to become brighter and stronger. You will focus on me so. And you have not with 10 hard minutes or our songs of love. You regressed our passion and it hurts that I must prove myself til no end. But I will till I am left nothing. And I will lay my loveless body near a shrine dedicated to you for my will must go on..because I believe.



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