Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lift Me Up

My Angel now you are making me soar. You have lifted the shadows of doubt that were casted over me. Not only do you brighten the smile on my face, you even shed your pure light unto me like a candle of hope in a labyrinth of despair. You lift me up with encouragement and wisdom. You push me to be! You raise my spirit to carry forth with strictest discipline to focus. You are what I need. You are my Angel, you are rescuing me and I shall therefor be able to rescue you. I won't and can not ask much from you cause you are everything and all. My dear I want to see you to touch your face and look into your soft eyes. My angel I want to lift you up in my arms and carry you. I want you to be my side through all eternity. I want you by my side in the next life, and the life after that and after that life. When you can no longer carry your own breath, I shall carry your ashes til days on end. I shall carry a torch to represent our eternal devotion. I listen to your sweet voice utter to me words of gold. I can not express in words or any form of art how thankful I am for your love. I cherish you. I worship you. I am forever in love with you. I thank you for and continuing to lift me up. I shall get some rest now. May I see you in my dream and make soft tender love to your kind spirit.

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