Thursday, September 3, 2009

Strength in My Love


My Angel please remain fulfilled in my love. You must always believe in me. I called upon you, I prayed for you, I synapse with you, and summoned you to be one with my heart and devoted to you for endless days. I have spent hours among hours, days among days and years among years waiting for us to be. We are a product of a grand alignment of the brightest stars the heavens can hold. I am to make you a witness of everlasting love to guide you on the remainder of this earthly journey into a realm of spiritual enlightenment that only mates of souls can provide as guides. We are not by accident nor chance. We are etched from the days of passion that formed this earth. You are godsend my angel. I am your star gate to dimensions new and old to fulfill you with the truth of truths for you to know thyself. Do not be lost my dear for I am your light. Do not feel cold my angel for I am your warm body, Do not feel arid for I am your moist. I need to see you soon, to make love to you my dear. I need for you to be reunited with the primordial energy within my core so you become reacquainted with home. I am at war for us my love and I shall return to embrace your gentle frame and lead you into a silence dance as I caress your thoughts and deepest emotions. Breath me in my dear just for 10 minutes. See me in the light of your mind. Keep me there and hold me pushing my energy deeper down to the base of your spine. Release the breathe of me with a smile that radiates to all the cells in your body. Feel me filling you up my love. Feel my breath on you, feel my heat on you, feel my strength on you my Angel. I know who you are. You are my only true love to ever exist for me. No other before you had privy to the depth of my soul. I offer you the only gift I know that will make you complete. I give you the undoubted gift of my love. Accept this gift, do not challenge it. Do not chase any mockingbirds that will make you miss the call of destiny. You are my forever love!


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